We have been using Siding Tools Industries tools since 2018.
Our installation crews absolutely like working with tools manufactured by Siding Tools Industries.

The “factory” level quality cut of the siding that we obtain with the ProKut and UKUT cutters on our construction or renovation sites, as well as the time savings we get from using them, are the undeniable advantages over using our traditional tools.

In addition, we have purchased several U-BENCH work tables, which has resulted in a further reduction in installation time and greater efficiency and pride in the execution of our work.

With the cutters of Siding Tools Industries, we can begin the siding work faster, even if the structure is not finished, because we can cut the desired length directly at the job site!

The advantages of Outils Siding Tools save us time and money and therefore we can take an additional installation at the end of the year.

We have been working with products developed by Siding Tools Industries Inc. for almost 5 years.

We quickly acquired several Pro-Kut cutters. These are robust and easy-to-use tools that increase the efficiency of our installation teams.

Siding Tools Industries’ representatives are very attentive to their customers and the company is very innovative. In short, they are a business partner of choice.